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Playing: Practice hands

Mixed problems

These hand may require one or more of the techniques you have learnt.
Have a go.

Example Hands

Don't forget the techniques as they may apply as well.

  • Remember to count your top tricks.
  • Identify any potential blockage.
  • Identify any entries needed to maintain communication.
  • Look for a long suit that will yield extra tricks.
  • Be prepared to lose a trick to gain more.
  • Give yourself an extra chance by leading up to honours.
  • Play safe and hold up using the rule of 7.
  • Look at trumping opportunities.
  • Try to establish your tricks early, whilst you are still in control.

When you are ready click the 'start play' button.
Click the card you want to play when the arrow is showing.

Hands from the lessons

You have more techniques available than when you first played these hand see if you can do better now.

Hand 1-1

Hand 1-2 Hand 1-3 Hand 1-4
Hand 2-1 Hand 2-2 Hand 2-3 Hand 2-4
Hand 3-1 Hand 3-2 Hand 3-3 Hand 3-4
Hand 4-1 Hand 4-2 Hand 4-3 Hand 4-4
Hand 5-1 Hand 5-2 Hand 5-2 Hand 5-4
Hand 6-1 Hand 6-2 Hand 6-3 Hand 6-4
Hand 7-1 Hand 7-2 Hand 7-3 Hand 7-4
Hand 8-1 Hand 8-2 Hand 8-3 Hand 8-4
Hand 9-1 Hand 9-2 Hand 9-3 Hand 9-4

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