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Playing: Lesson 4

Driving out opponents top cards

Now we start to play where the top tricks are less than the trick target. It is up to you to play the cards and create extra tricks.

North hand : Six of Hearts Three of Hearts Two of Hearts


South hand: King of Hearts Queen of Hearts Jack of Hearts

It is clear that you do not have the top trick ace of hearts. But once the opponents have won one trick you are left with two certain tricks.

Look at the following combinations

Q J 10
8 4 2
you need to remove both the ace and king before you can claim 1 trick
K Q J 10
8 5 3
Only the ace is missing so you have 3 tricks here

This quiz presents some card combinations for you to develop extra tricks

> Example quiz

Example Hands

These hand allow you to practice keeping communication for your winners.

The hand to play is marked by an arrow image -

  • Remember to count your top tricks.
  • Identify any potential blockage.
  • Identify any entries needed to maintain communication.
  • Try and deal with the problem as soon as possible.

When you are ready click the 'start play' button.
Click the card you want to play when the arrow is showing.

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