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Playing: Lesson 3

Using Entries to make your tricks

Now we know what a blockage is we can look at a further example

North hand : Queen of Hearts Jack of Hearts Six of Hearts Three of Hearts


South hand: Ace of Hearts King of Hearts

Here you have the four top cards, but after you have played the ace and king from the south hand there are no cards left to play towards the north hand.

The only way you can get to these winners is if an 'entry' exists in another suit

Contract: 1 no trump
Lead: King of Clubs

♠ Spades   A 5 3 10 6 4 2
♥ Hearts   Q J 6 3 A K
♦ Diamonds   8 5 2 A 7 6 3
♣ Clubs   6 4 2 A 10 7

In this hand. you are lucky that the lead is not spades taking your entry.

You have 7 top tricks ace spades, ace, king, queen, jack hearts, ace diamonds and ace Clubs.

There is a blockage in the heart suit so you have to make sure you preserve your entry, Ace of spades in the north hand.

When you identify a problem it is usually best to deal with it as soon as you can. Win the lead with the ace clubs and play ace and king of hearts. Lead the 2 spades to your ace and then play queen and jack of hearts

Example Hands

These hand allow you to practice keeping communication for your winners.

The hand to play is marked by an arrow image -

  • Remember to count your top tricks.
  • Identify any potential blockage.
  • Identify any entries needed to maintain communication.
  • Try and deal with the problem as soon as possible.

When you are ready click the 'start play' button.
Click the card you want to play when the arrow is showing.

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