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Playing: Lesson 1

Count your winners

The first thing you should do once you see your dummies cards is pause for a few moments in order to count your winners.

Initially we will concentrate on guaranteed tricks. These are the top cards in a suit. Aces, Ace and King etc.

Ace of spades King of spades Queen of spades Jack of spades 4 top trick with no missing honours.

Ace of diamonds Jack of diamonds only 1 top trick since there are missing honours.

The jack may be useful later but is not guaranteed


When counting tricks you must look at both hands. An Ace in your hand may be supported by a King in the dummy giving you two top tricks.

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Your first step on any hand when you are declarer is to count all the guaranteed tricks in the two hands. If you can count enough for the trick target then your contract is considered to be 'cold' and will always make.

Later we will look at the possible pitfalls.

Example Hands

These hand are very straight forward and are designed to give you the feel of controlling both the declarer hand and the 'dummy' ( North and South). All cards are on display for this first lesson.

The contract is set and you need to know what your trick target is.
3NT = 6 tricks ( the box) plus 3 tricks for the contract. A total of 9

Practice counting your top tricks and when you are ready click the 'start play' button.

The hand next to play is marked by an arrow image -

When you are ready click the 'start play' button.
Click the card you want to play when the arrow is showin

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