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Duplicate Bridge

Mini Bridge Rubber bridge Duplicate Bridge

This form of the game introduces a competitive element and is played internationally. It allows comparison of scores between yourself and other pairs playing the same cards.

Pairs are divided into North/South and East/West.

In the simplest movement North/South remain at the same table throughout the competition and East/West pairs move from table to table, always playing in the same position.

There are a number of movements which allow competitors to play all pairs or half the pairs or as an individual.

bridge 'board' to contain a deal

There will be several packs of cards and each one is only dealt once and then passed around the room so that all tables gets a chance to play the same deal. A 'deal' is kept in a wallet or 'board' so that each hand is in the right orientation.

Vulnerable players are displayed in red

Bidding box used for duplicate bridge.

Bidding boxes are used to keep the level of noise down.
All bids are on show and the progress of the auction can be reviewed until the first lead is made.

Players are required to explain any 'conventions' used where the meaning of their bids are not natural or have additional information.

Scores are recorded on a traveling score sheet which accompanies the board. This means you can make an instant comparison at the end of the game.

At the end of the event the scores are calculated on a percentage basis to decide an overall winner or two winners, N/S and E/W ,depending on how players move around the room.


Declarer partnership scores for making a declared contract Tricks score after the first 6 (the box)

  • Clubs and Diamonds 20 points per trick.
  • Spades or Hearts: 30 points per trick
  • Overtricks are scored the same way but do not count towards game.
  • No Trumps 10 points + 30 points per trick
  • Making a contract under 100 points earns a bonus of 50
  • Making a 'game' (100 points) that has been bid earns a bonus
    300 non vulnerable
    500 Vulnerable
  • Slam bonuses
    12 tricks 500 non vulnerable, 750 vulnerable
    13 tricks 750 non Vulnerable, 1000 vulnerable
  • Penalty for failure
    50 per trick non vulnerable, 100 vulnerable.
  • Scores are on the back on the cards in a bidding box

When a contract is doubled the total of the declared tricks is increased if made. If you would have scored 60 points it becomes 120 and counts towards game

In England the game is regulated by the > English Bridge Union

There are hundreds of clubs throughout the country which run duplicate competitions.

All Counties in England have an association and will list clubs in their area.

In Cornwall there are 17 clubs playing duplicate and a county association. All these clubs are associated to the English Bridge Union.

Visit CCBA > Cornwall Contract Bridge Association









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