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Bid Lesson 1 - c

Choice of opening 1 level bids

Point range 10-19 points

A bid indicates the number of tricks you are aiming to make. The first 6 tricks are called the 'box' and the level of the bid is the number of tricks you get after the box.

1 level = 7 tricks
2 Level =8 tricks etc.

The first bid other than 'PASS' is the 'Opening Bid' any bid after this must be higher in the ranking order.

The player making the first bid becomes the 'Opener' and his partner becomes the 'Responder'.

1 No Trump opener (Limit bid)

The simplest bid is 1NT which describes both the balanced shape and a limited range of points.

  • Balanced hand
  • 12-14 points

This may have a 5 card suit usually clubs or diamonds but must not have a void, singleton or 2 doubletons

1 of a suit (unlimited bid)

These bids are described as 'unlimited' and require a 2nd and maybe a 3rd bid to give a more complete description.

  • 12-19 points
  • 10-11 points and an unbalanced hand, refer to the lesson assessing your shape and use the 'Rule of 20'
  • Suit must have four cards
  • Choose your longest suit, length is more valuable in controlling a suit than Honour cards alone.
  • Choice of 2 four card suits, choose the higher ranking suit.
    Exception : four Hearts and four Spades. Choose the Hearts
  • Choice of 3 four card suits ( 4 4 4 1 shape)
    This is not a very common sort of hand so for now memorise the following rule :
    • With a red singleton, open the suit below the singleton
    • With a black singleton, open the middle of the other three suits.

  • Choice of 2 five card (or longer) suits, choose the higher ranking suit.
    Exception : Clubs and Spades, choose the Clubs
  • Think what you might re bid on the second round

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